Der Immer freitags ab 19 Uhr im Wortstream.
Der Immer freitags ab 19 Uhr im Wortstream. Glowing Palms

Geschichtsstunde mit Glowing Palms

DJs spielen in ihren Sets gerne brandneue Tracks. In der neuen Ausgabe des Plattenkoffers ist das anders: Der Londoner Glowing Palms huldigt in seinem Mix dem Disco-Genre und stellt längst vergessene oder nie bekannt gewordene Hits vor.

Glowing Palms ist ausgewiesener Disco-Experte. Er produziert auf alten Drum-Computern und Synthesizern Songs, die als Vinyl-Kleinstauflage erscheinen und im Netz Höchtpreise erzielen. Zum Beispiel auf dem Label Ruf Kutz. In London hat er seine eigene Radio Show, in der er jeden Monat seltene und vergessene Disco-Hits der Siebziger und Achtziger Jahre vorstellt.

Regelmäßig legt Glowing Palms seine Platten auch in Clubs auf, z.B.  im Berliner BohnenGold am 12. Juli.

Plush - Free and Easy (Instrumental) - RCA Victor - 1982

RCA Victor – 1982
This is a special one for me. That Bassline, the lead synth. It’s just perfection.The incredible piano line that comes in during the last seconds of the tune. Good lord. I always play this tune early in the night and it kinda defines that point when people have arrived, had a catch up, grabbed their drinks. The guys and girls are on the floor and when that bassline kicks in, everyone just goes quiet, they get „into“ the dance. I always just get this sense, almost an aura from the crowd that we’re all in this together. We’re gonna groove down and we’re not gonna stop, no matter what. This record ignites the party and will never leave my record bag.Plush – Free and Easy (Instrumental)
One of the few modern tunes I’ve played in this session. Spandex and Sarah Bates are both friends of mine from Manchester. Both are incredibly talented artists: Sarah’s vocals are unreal – kinda Madonna hanging out with Basquiat vibes. Spandex is the real deal too. He makes his music in one take. His studio is his live setup, there’s no equipment in there that’s not involved in the live interpretation of the track because there is no live interpretation. The music is live and that’s it. He’s got this punk attitude, he’s not leaving in mistakes just to make it sound quirky, the session is recorded, blam that’s it. There’s the tune. Love it. I once asked him for some stems and he replied: „I’m not a f***ing florist mate.Spandex (Feat. Sarah Bates) – Freak For You

World Famous Lobster Allstars - Working For Love Again (D.I.T.S Dub) - Disco Exotique - 2008

Disco Exotique – 2008
This is a 2008 edit of an old tune. There’s this club in Manchester that some friends from the Cosmic Disco blog used to spin. This was way before the days when playing an „all vinyl set“ was something of an oddity, it was just the way things were. Anyway they had this policy whereby if you played an edit or a tune or if the vinyl was a repress, the rules were that you had to wear the record sleeve as a hat for the entirity of the song. I just love the idea of spnning this tune out with the digital steel drums pounding and distorting through the mix and loving every second while proudly wearing a 12″ record sleeve crown.World Famous Lobster Allstars – Working For Love Again (D.I.T.S Dub)
So there’s a whole world out there of dead expensive amazing Italian House music. Someone’s obviously collecting it but I never see it on any hipster mixtapes or anything so I’m always curious who’s out there driving the price up! Vibrophone is an exceptional label with a very distinct house sound. These records are built with total confidence and passion. All the tunes on the Magic Staircase E.P are fantastic. For this mix I picked Prelude because of the lush digi brass and I always wonder if this is their attempt at referencing the seminal Boogie label of the same name. Love it anyways and a reminder that I should spin these records out more.Minimal Vision – Prelude

Concept Neuf - The Path (Sofrito Edit) - Sofrito Specials - 2008

Sofrito Specials – 2008
I picked this one out because it kinda started a domino effect. A butterfly flaps it’s wings in Scarborough or something… Me and DJ Johnny Dett were spinning at a close friend’s birthday party. Back room of a pub vibe where the decks were at knee height so we cobbled together some sort of booth with bits of stucco almunium boxes. You know the drill. The DJ before us was playing some pretty big room stuff and we’d both thought we were going to do the warm up. Turned out the crowd were well up for some slo-mo street soul and we shook down lock in style. Johnny Dett played this as a last record and it was like, what? Oh ok. This is the tune. This was one of those moments when a switch goes off in your head and sets off a whole wave of detective work and record buying. William Onyeabor aside this set off a stretch of seeking out amazing tropical and calypso cuts all thanks to this edit of the fine work of Ralph MacDonald and co.Concept Neuf – The Path (Sofrito Edit)


01. Spellbound – Under My Spell (Great) (1983)
02. Aaron Broomfield – I’m Gonna Miss Ya (Mountain Records) (1981)
03. Freda Payne – In Motion (Sultra Records) (1982)
04. Plush – Free and Easy (Instrumental) (RCA Victor) (1982)
05. Kashif – I Just Gotta Have You (Arista) (1982)
06. Spandex (Feat Sarah Bates) – Freak For You (Red Laser Records) (2012)
07. Onstage – Come On Thru (Omnibus Records) (1987)
08. Gift Of Dreams – Moonwalk (Jam Power Records) (1983)
09. World Famous Lobster Allstars – Working For Love Again (D.I.T.S Dub) (2008)
10. Lefturno – Out Of Sight (Ascot Records) (1983)
11. Electra – Feels Good (Emergency Records) (1983)
12. International Music System – Run Away (Bellaphon) (1983)
13. The Tony Monn Concept – Who Built the Pyramids (Ariola) (1982)
14. Rinder and Lewis – Lust (AVI Records) (1977)
15. Minimal Vision – Prelude (Vibraphone Records) (1992)
16. Risque 3 – Essence of a Dream (Stride Records Inc) (1987)
17. R-Tyme – Illusion (Mayday Mix) (Transmat (1989)
18. Omar S – Set It Out (FXHE Records) (2002)
19. Concept Neuf – The Path (Sofrito Edit) (Sofrito Specials) (2008)

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