Der Immer freitags ab 19 Uhr im Wortstream.
Der Immer freitags ab 19 Uhr im Wortstream. Plattenkoffer: Ruf Dug

Ruf Dug kompiliert

Ruf Dug aus Manchester ist ein Musik-Connaisseur wie kein Zweiter. Aus seiner immensen Plattensammlung kredenzt er uns einen exzellenten Dezember-Mix.

Ruf Dug hat sein Leben der Musik verschrieben. Abseits von Mainstream und genormten Hörgewohnheiten „diggt“ er seit Jahren nach verlorenen und vergessenen Schätzen der Musikgeschichte.

Und nicht nur das:  Zudem betreibt er noch sein eigenes Label Ruf Kutz, auf dem er analoge Tanzmusik unterschiedlichster Künstler und Couleur veröffentlicht. Ruf Dugs eigene Veröffentlichungen kann man auf Labels wie Porn Wax, Tusk Wax oder Banoffee Pies erhören.

Analog ist besser

Besonderen Wert legt Ruf Dug auf analoges, billiges Equipment. So entsteht seine Musik hauptsächlich nicht am Rechner, sondern auf Plastik-Equipment aus den Achtzigern.

Die Tracks im folgenden Plattenkoffer schneiden Genres wie Tropical, Disco, House, Balearic, Leftfield, Ambient, Funk, Soul und knüpfen damit an vergangene Plattenkoffer-Ausgaben wie die von Glowing Palms oder Martin Hayes an.

Mit dabei

Jacob Desvarieux - Sweet Florence - GD Productions - 1983

GD Productions – 1983
I started with this track by Jacob Desvarieux, a Guadeloupean musician who’s also a member of maybe the most famous Guadeloupean group, KASSAV. I spent a few months in Guadeloupe this year and the sound of Zouk is everywhere out there. This one is a belter.Jacob Desvarieux – Sweet Florence

Space Lady - Fly Like An Eagle - Self-Released - 1990

Self-Released – 1990
I only discovered Space Lady very recently, although she has been around for a long time. What I love about this is that is sounds contemporary, futuristic and very old at the same time, and how something is able to be all three of those things at the same time is a mystery to me, and because of that I think this is a magical spell.Space Lady – Fly Like An Eagle

Tatsuro Yamashita - Solid Slider - RCA - 1977

RCA – 1977
This is one of the most brilliant pieces of music I have ever heard. I think it is so clever, incredibly so – the harmonies, the arrangements, the performances – every aspect of this is absolutely world class and yet it also has such a hot groove and contains so much happiness… normally when something is technically mindblowing it’s kind of noodly or inaccessible but EVERY time I play this track it gets a great response and people dance to it with big smiles on their faces…. it’s dope.Tatsuro Yamashita – Solid Slider

Peaking Lights - Breakdown -  Domino - 2014

Domino – 2014
I adore Peaking Lights! There are similarities between them and the Space Lady, and not just in an obvious way in that they use simple synths and female vocals but also because like the Space Lady they have managed to skewer that sense of timelessness, of the ‚other‘ – this music is from outside our time and space, but it is music for all time and space… and the groove is fucking SICK.Peaking Lights – Breakdown

Sheila Hylton - It's Gonna Take A Lot Of Dub - Golf Channel - tba

Golf Channel – tba
Coming soon on Golf Channel… that label has had a killer year, every release has been deadly (check also the Mind Fair LP that I used a track from on this mix)… this one is a reissue – I hadn’t heard of Sheila Hylton before this but oh my god this one is a blinding record… just captures that woozy warm late night red light love action perfectly… the right(wrong) side of sleazy…Sheila Hylton – It’s Gonna Take A Lot Of Dub


01. Jacob Desvarieux – Sweet Florence
02. Testpattern – Sea Breeze
03. Shima33 – Netscape Lake
04. Space Lady – Fly Like An Eagle
05. Beautiful Swimmers – Easy On The Eyes
06. Tatsuro Yamashita – Solid Slider
07. Ruf Dug – Guybrush Threepwood Takes DMT And Goes Paragliding
08. Saada Bonaire – Give Me A Call
09. Peaking Lights – Breakdown
10. Mind Fair – Cursed
11. Jesus Wayne – Rush
12. Samrai meets Ruf Dug – 1st Observation
13. Sheila Hylton – It’s Gonna Take A Lot Of Dub
14. Les Go – I Can’t Go For That (Haners edit)