Ugo Bacchella about the the impact of technology on culture.
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N99 | Ugo Bacchella (Fitzcarraldo Foundation) on digital innovation

„The innovators have to dream!“

Ugo Bacchella, the founder of the ArtLab Italy and President of the Fitzcarraldo Foundation, talks about how the cultural sector needs to face the challenges of new technologies. For Bacchella they are not a threat, but an opportunity to grow and learn.

Ugo Bacchella (Fitzcarraldo foundation)

Ugo Bacchella from the Fitzcarraldo foundation knows that due to new technologies lots of aspects of our lives will change. For him the cultural sector is no exception. The „Innovation Summit“ at THE ARTS+ at the Frankfurt book fair has been an attempt to learn and discuss these effects. The founder of the ArtLab Italy and President of the Fitzcarraldo Foundation, Ugo Bacchella, was one of the speakers. In his opinion, the most important task for the cultural sector is to combine forces.

We need innovators, the public administration, the cultural institutions, the private innovators. We need to be open about our expectations and interests, so we can find a solution that fits all. – Ugo Bacchella

But in order to combine these forces and to discuss the relevant issues, the cultural sector needs to stop seeing the new technology as a threat and more like a great oppurtunity.

Being open minded pays off

Ugo Bacchella speaks about examples of cultural institutions who tried something new. These risks eventually pay off. He talks about the video game „Father and Son“. The game was published by the archaelogical museum: the MANN of Naples, making it the first of his kind. Thousands of people played it and then went on to visit the museum. The average age of the visitors dropped significantly. Christian Bollert has talked to Ugo Bacchella at THE ARTS+ about the impacts of new technologies on the cultural sector.

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N99 | auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse

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