Seda and Matthias Röder are the founders of Sonophilia. Foto: Kati Zubek |
Bild: Kati Zubek |

N99 | Sonophilia – Seda and Matthias Röder explain their project

„We can use much more of our creative potential with the help of machines!“

Creativity meets artificial intelligence. The project „Sonophilia“ was founded by two music-lovers and advocates of artificial intelligence: Seda and Matthias Röder.

Creativity meets artificial intelligence

Sonophilia is an exclusive, multidisciplinary network of individuals, who are delighted with creativity and innovation. Central topic is the impact of Artificial intelligence (A.I.) on creativity and the consequential interrogations and possibilities. 

We’re getting together to start asking about the future of creativity, about the future of the arts, and what it means to be an artist. With the help of technology, we do have the potential of scaling our creative power.- Seda Röder, Founder of Sonophilia

The international members of the Sonophilia Network come together in private salons. These are intensive gatherings, where the participants develop new creative connections within the fields.

If we reduce creativity to artworks only, then of course we will have a problem. Because our creativity is not only there to make art, but to answer pressing questions of our time. – Seda Röder

What’s Sonophilia Spark?

The founders of Sonophilia are Seda and Matthias Röder. Seda is a musician and well-known spokesperson for creative synergies between differents disciplines. Her husband Matthias has graduated from Mozarteum University in Salzburg and from Harvard, and now works on digital musicology studies. He’s also the founder of Karajan Music tech Conference.

At the Frankfurt Book Fair and the THE ARTS+, Seda and Matthias Röder are presenting the event Sonophilia Spark. It’s only one of plenty Sonophilia gatherings all aroung the globe. In order to „redefine arts and creativity in the age of AI„, the event allows the audience to join open discussions and to hear experts‘ opinions on the possibilities of mixing A.I. and creative fields.

The idea ist, that we live in a world where we can use much more of our creative potential as a human species with the help of machines. – Matthias Röder, Founder of Sonophilia Claudius Nießen talked to the founders of Sonophilia, Seda and Matthias Röder.

N99 | Seda und Matthias Röder at THE ARTS+ 07:30

by Eva-Josephine Weber and Julia Rosner

N99 | auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse

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